***Update: First time Ever doing this

***Update: First time Ever doing this, but Dan claimed he was the highest point of escalation, and works closely with the president. So, I decided to go above, and beyond and write the CEO of Kohls. I have never went this crazy, but Dan pushed me to my limit!!! Let’s see what Kevin has to say! ***
So Kohls is Advertising kids sz 7 Adidas shoes (which I purchased online) only to get them and they are HUGE!!! KOHLS response they are huge compared to the women’s 6 1/2 she got because they are unisex Kids.
Come to find out ADIDAS doesn’t even make a kids sz 7….and they don’t make it in that specific shoe either! Yet I (THE CUSTOMER ) am in the Wrong Because I Placed the order and ordered that size!!!!!! I didn’t even know they didn’t make that size til we got the Huge shoes, and had to go through this whole mess!
What great customer service they have!! Dan deserves a big pat on the back for blaming me for ordering them!!!!
Share share share because Dan needs to be recognized for his awesome customer service skills, and everyone needs to know kohls apparently is selling knockoffs!

9 thoughts on “***Update: First time Ever doing this

  1. The guy kept arguing with me that they were kids shoes, and that’s why they were cheaper. Those were not Kid shoes….I Called Adidas they don’t make a sz 7 in kids! That’s what sz they were

    1. They did. I bought them on sale online. Instead of an even exchange they made me return them and rebuy them at reg price

  2. Told me it couldn’t be an even exchange because they were no longer on sale. Then once I contact them online it went to a different reason, and now it’s all about the fact adidas doesn’t even make kids sz 7 shoes. So either Kohls is selling knockoffs Or it was their mistake with sizing. Either way I shouldn’t have to rebuy them at higher price!

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